I've been interested in storytelling since I could read and write.


As a kid, I Xeroxed my stories to pass out to classmates. As a teenager, I revived my high school's long-dormant newspaper and even landed a few of my radio commentaries on NPR (thanks to the awesome nonprofit Youth Radio).


After studying journalism at NYU, I cut my teeth working behind the scenes in news and documentary television. And sometimes, despite zero acting ability, I appeared in front of the camera, most notably in reenactments on Japanese network news (perhaps a story for another time.)


After a move back to my native Bay Area prompted some serious soul-searching, I decided it was time to use my journalism skills to advance social justice causes dear to my heart. I made the transition to the nonprofit world and haven't looked back.


Until 2012, I led communications at International Development Exchange (now Thousand Currents), the international grantmaking organization that supports community-led initiatives in the Global South. 


In 2013, I branched out as a consultant to help other nonprofits

increase their visibility and impact through ethical storytelling and strong communications.

My passion remains: helping to amplify the voices of those working on solutions to promote justice and equity in their own communities. I remain deeply motivated by the drive and determination of the inspiring community leaders with whom I have been privileged to work. Causes near and dear to me include those related to international human rights, refugee & immigrant rights, climate justice, racial justice, and youth development. 

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling with family, exploring my new island community of Alameda, keeping up with nonprofit and social media trends, and organizing meetups for Bay Area Cause Communications Community.


Past and current clients include:

Center for Justice and Accountability

Jewish Family and Children Services

Refugee and Immigrant Transitions


RefuSHE (formerly Heshima Kenya)

Solidaire Network

Thousand Currents (formerly IDEX)

Voice of Witness